Monday, October 25, 2010

Lucena: A Nowhere City

The Business Process Outsourcing of the Philippines, the Commission on Information and Communications Technology and the Department of Trade and Industry announce the TOP 10 NEXT WAVE CITIES 2010. The cities are as follows:
Top 1. Davao City
2. Sta, Rosa, Laguna
3. Bacolod City
4. Iloilo City
5. Metro cavite
6. Lipa City
7. Cagayan De Oro City
8. Malolos City
9. Baguio City
10. Dumaguete City

The General Criteria of the 2010 NEXT WAVE CITIES are the availability of graduates and workers, infrastructure, cost, and business environment.
(Source: Computer World August 2010 issue page 6}
Nowhere in the list is my beloved city of Lucena. The leaders of our city need to focus on the following:

1. Make a strategic plans to absorb new employment requirements.
2. Improve the quality of roads.
3. Identify an area within the city as a property site for IT and BPO. Possibly tying up with PEZA.
4. Reduce regulatory fees and taxes for IT and BPO investors.
5. Market Lucena as a viable investor site because of less vulnerability to natural disaster (very true!), and reliability of water and electric utilities.
6. Improve the peace and order situation.
7. Create an ICT council for the city.
8. Partner with colleges and universities in the City to promote ICT.

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