Sunday, October 17, 2010


A manager need to realize that the organization is made up of people and these people are made up of feelings.
These feelings should be taken into consideration ALWAYS because this will make the organization worth fighting for.

As a true human, we should keep open to the feelings of others. If we refuses to consider any feelings at all then we are transforming the organization into an army of cold hearted people.

If everybody feels that everybody has genuine feelings for each other, that compassionate concern is always the first move in an organization, support to each other will always be present even without somebody asking for it.

Jesus was a prime example of a leader who has genuine feeling for his disciples. Who can forget the washing of his apostle’s feet?. With his loving gesture, he made everybody willing to die for the cause. Even to be crucified upside down.

Have you experience meeting somebody who expresses genuine feeling for you? Heaven isn’t it?.

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