Sunday, March 28, 2010


For the past 23 years that I am working, I already identified three kinds of workers where an employer or entrepreneur can measure the level of commitment.
The highest kind of workers are the disciples. These people believe in what the Administration is doing and believe in the leadership of the top management.
The second type are the fence sitters. They are the wait and see types and will just stay in their office the whole day and just do their daily work.
The third type and the worst are the saboteurs . These are the people who do not believe in the leadership of the top management and at the same time causes harm to the organization.
The disciples are easy to identify because they are high-performing individuals and whose personal objectives are aligned to the organization. They will not involve themselves in office politics rather focuses on developing their competencies.
Now, look around in your office or business, who are the disciples?.

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