Monday, April 28, 2008

Shortage,skills and country

I can not believe what I saw in the Lucena Public Market yesterday. A long line waiting on their chance to buy 2 kilos of NFA rice. This is the first time that I saw the physical evidence of extreme poverty haunting the country. The high cost of food prices are starting to inflict pain on everybody that families are giving up everything that are not food related such as clothing and education in order for their meager income to buy food that will fill their hungry stomach.
But as eternal hopeful, I am praying that this crisis awaken us and make the present generation realized that their elders are failing them in providing a secure future. The young should now show that they can overhaul this country by arming themselves with knowledge and skills needed to transform them and their families.
Do not be bother on the political noise (the are just tenant) nor the food crises (there is always a remedy). You should focus on developing yourself and make you better than the Vietnamese, the Thais, the Indonesians, the Chinese and even the Japanese.
Carry the banner of the Philippines so that when you go abroad, the people will not look down on you because they know that your skills are incomparable.
It is not only your life that is at stake here, it is also the future of your beloved country.
Carry on!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Secret

(Photo courtesy of Adithya Bhelke.Thanks Adithya!)
1. The secret to life -- get good teachers who will not only train but inspire and
work well with the student.
2. The secret to financial security -- spend below your means and make the money
work for you.
3. The secret to peace -- love.
4. The secret to integrity -- signed every work with excellence.
5. The secret to friendship -- respect, trust and open-mindedness.
6. The secret to success -- never give up.
7. The secret to health -- eat all things in moderation.
8. The secret to happiness -- follow the 10 commandments.
9. The secret to intelligence -- childlike curiosity.
10. The secret to leadership -- truthfullness, accountability and vision.

If you notice they are really very common and most of them just under our nose. The secret USE IT!