Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Philippine Stock Exchange Online Trading System is doing the online trading for several years but the announcement of the PSE that they will provide online trading services for trading participants that can in turn be offered to investors will revolutionalize how we buy and sell stocks. Investors in the provinces and the OFWs are waiting for the online trading system for a very long time. I am forecasting a PSE that is more active once the system will be functional.

To date, most trades in the country are still done via phone calls or physical interaction with stockbrokers or agents.The system will not kill the stockbrokers but rather take advantage of the Internet and the continuous growth of online transactions by allowing us, investors, to place our orders to the brokers online.

The online trading system will level the playing field.

Congratulations to PSE president and chief executive officer Hans Sicat for this project and hoping and praying that you will select the best solutions provider before the year ends.

I can not wait trading online!

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