Monday, October 25, 2010

Gutter Politics

I voted yesterday because it is my civic duty. But the sights were ugly. There were fistfights and shouting matches outside my voting precint.

Democracy in the Philippines is chaotic. While other countries and people are willing to risk their lives in order to be allowed to vote , here we are cutting each other throat for just a barangay post.

Our democarcy is not mature where the voters vote based on family ties and political relationships. Those who are more qualified refused to be a candidate because they don't have the money nor means to win convincingly in this erratic electoral process of ours.

Yesterday was ugly. Neighbors against neighbors, friends against friends and families against families. Added to that the delay of COMELEC election paraphernalia and you will have a powder keg for fistfights and shouting matches.

With the culture of the country that family first at all costs, those who will lose in this barangay election will not be on speaking terms with their neighbors for a long time. This is gutter politics at its best.