Sunday, March 28, 2010


For the past 23 years that I am working, I already identified three kinds of workers where an employer or entrepreneur can measure the level of commitment.
The highest kind of workers are the disciples. These people believe in what the Administration is doing and believe in the leadership of the top management.
The second type are the fence sitters. They are the wait and see types and will just stay in their office the whole day and just do their daily work.
The third type and the worst are the saboteurs . These are the people who do not believe in the leadership of the top management and at the same time causes harm to the organization.
The disciples are easy to identify because they are high-performing individuals and whose personal objectives are aligned to the organization. They will not involve themselves in office politics rather focuses on developing their competencies.
Now, look around in your office or business, who are the disciples?.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toxic 2.0

Toxic people intoxicate the mind of others that it may result to hypocrisy.
In the workplace you can not escape meeting them whether you are in the high-rise building of Makati or in a government office in Maguindanao.
In my experience, toxic people wear their mask everyday to hide their insecurities and fear. They love to spread rumors because it is their weapon to hide their sins or shortcomings.
Literally run when you meet them in your company corridor or suffer absorbing the negativity that emanates from them.
We have three ways to avoid the trap of toxic people:
1. Have a good family.
2. Have good friends
3. Do good works
Toxic people influence the lives of others by speaking lies and deception. Do not take this road and do the opposite.
A life doing good and helping others will bring multiplier effect hence your influence is immeasurable.
Good lives can be as simple as just decency in every room.
Remember, hardships and diseases are nothing if you have Good Family, Good Friends, Good Works.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Work for me is sacred. To do nothing is a blasphemy. If you will made me choose to sit down all day long versus cleaning the toilet, the latter will win hands down.
If I did my job and there is spare time to read you can find me enjoying books, magazines and all printed materials that inspires me.
I am always working and learning at the same time. This you may call work ethic but for me it is to drive away the evil of laziness and negative thoughts.
My father said hard work rules!
No doubt he was right, it is the primary rule of life!


When I was in college our family was always in dire straits. There are times we have nothing to eat. I have no choice then but to work.
From the beginning I know that my strength lies in my brain and not in my fingers. So I persevered to write articles and puzzles for the college newspapers. The university paid me P600 per issue and added to that the scholarship I enjoyed being a dean's lister made me survived the high cost of college.
What is appalling today is the kids that receive all these college expenses for free from their parents, while then I worked hard to manage these things.


When I was 22 my father died. I saw him agonizing in the hospital caused by complications of diabetes. He was a good guy. He sent his children to college on a meager salary as a welder. I remember him telling me to focus on my studies so that I will not be like him. But deep inside he is my idol. His daily heroic sacrifices are imprinted in my mind.
When he died, I instantly became the head of the family. Lucky I am I was employed right after graduation at Pag-IBIG Fund. All my earnings then were used to pay the tuition of my two brothers and the rest as our food expenses. A day after my payday it was very common that nothing was left for me except a few pesos for my transportation. But I have no inkling then to blame anybody on the hardships I incurred nor being the sole breadwinner.
It is clear to me that I should put my 2 brothers and my mother first before my need.
In the end , I realized that the death of my father is something over which I have no control.
It gave a lesson though that there is always a smart way to run a life and it is to live well, do exciting and worthwhile things and be a force for good.
A life well lived is the most worthwhile goal of a person.