Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rank 12 and counting......

Five years from now, the population of the Philippines will hit more than 100 million.According to the latest CIA report we are the 12th most populous country.

1 China 1,338,612,968 July 2010 est.
2 India 1,156,897,766 July 2010 est.
3 United States 307,212,123 July 2010 est.
4 Indonesia 240,271,522 July 2010 est.
5 Brazil 198,739,269 July 2010 est.
6 Pakistan 174,578,558 July 2010 est.
7 Bangladesh 156,050,883 July 2010 est.
8 Nigeria 149,229,090 July 2010 est.
9 Russia 140,041,247 July 2010 est.
10 Japan 127,078,679 July 2010 est.
11 Mexico 111,211,789 July 2010 est.
12 Philippines 97,976,603 July 2010 est.
13 Vietnam 88,576,758 July 2010 est.

Many of our young graduates will fight for limited jobs and they need skills because the workplace of tomorrow will be complex and highly-demanding.

To succeed, the graduates of 2010 and beyond should have solid foundation and should possess the following skills:

1. Having the ability to communicate, i.e., read, write, speak and
listen. Very basic but very necessary skills.
2. Ability to reason, think creatively, make decisions,and solve problems.
3. Ability to be responsible,sociable and to take responsibility.
4. Ability to use talent, time , money and materials wisely.
5. Ability to work in teams and to work well with people of different backgrounds.
6. Ability to use information without being overwhelmed. Skills in computer is
7. Ability to create, revise and improve the system.
8. Ability to adapt to the latest technology.

The jobs of tomorrow belong to those who possess the necessary skills.

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