Tuesday, October 26, 2010

China is the next Superpower

Brushed up your Mandarin.

China will be the economic and military superpower power in the next ten years.

Yesterday, China rolled out its fastest train yet on Tuesday and announced that the Three Gorges Dam, the world's biggest hydroelectric project, is now generating electricity at maximum capacity.

They are building more nuclear power plants and the Beijing-to-Shanghai high-speed railway will be open in 2012.China's average economic growth rates of more than 9 percent per year over the past two decades have laid the foundation for rapid progress.

The dizzying upward economic speed of China made her the center of gravity. Physics 101 says that those who are near the center will experience gravitational pull.

Countries such as the Philippines will be pulled towards China.

Leaders who will go against this gravity will float in the atmosphere of stagnation.

Philippines, can't you feel the predictable force that China is creating?

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