Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Excellence in School = Excellence in Work

The beauty of teaching can be enhanced if a teacher experienced the theories he is preaching. No wonder that business schools nowadays put a premium on hiring people with actual experience in the corporate or business world. They paid them more than the newbies because of their wealth of experience.

The one lecturing on the podium who knows the feeling on how to lose customers or to be ecstatic when company became profitable are more plausible to the eyes of the would-be commerce people.

Really, companies hire people who failed in their business endeavors because they have more stories to tell where people can learn.

Here are the reasons why students will appreciate the connection of the world of school (in italics) and the world of work (in bold letters):

School Rules and policies/Student Handbook =
Officeprocedures/decorum/employment contract

Teachers and deans = Boss, Manager, President
Extra-curricular activities = Professional organizations, clubs
Medals, awards = Promotion, Bonus
Exams, Tests = Results, output
Grades, Transcript of Records = Performance Appraisal
Allowance from parents or guardians = Salary
Assignments = To-Do-Lists
Long hours of study = Overtime
Course syllabus = Job description
Entrance Exam and interview = Employment exam and interview
Interpersonal relationship with classmates = Interpersonal relationship
with diverse people

There is a correlation that those who performed better in the world of school will also perform better in the world of work.

I remember my marketing professor who shared to us that those who are in the corporation or academe will experience losing their market share.
No one can escape it.
But the solution can be traced to what we learned from school. The formula:


Have a nice weekend to all of you. God bless!

Arnel L. Cadeliña

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