Monday, December 18, 2006

True Christmas

If you are rich be generous
If you are poor be hopeful
If you are a father be the head
If you are a mother be the light
If you are a daughter be obedient
If you are a son be studious
If you are a mother –in- law be a friend
If you are a father- in- law be the wise
If you are priest be like Christ
If you are a politician be a role model
If you are a Filipino be a lover of your country

To all my blog readers around the world. May you have a truly Merry Christmas!

Arnel L. Cadeliña & Family

Monday, December 04, 2006

Para sa Mga Taga-Bikol

Kumusta na?, Ayos pa ba?
Eh, kung hindi, Paano na?
Ewan ko ba, bahala na.

from the song "kumusta na" by Yano

Para sa Mga Taga-Bikol

Si Pepe ng Albay ay nagtatanong
Habang sinisipat ang bahay niyang walang bubong
Lintek na delubyo! bakit pa masa ang tinumbok?
Hinimas ang sugat at pasa dala ng batong bundok.

Tumingin sa paligid at nagilid ang luha
Ang kanyang barangay binura ng baha
Wala na ang gintong palayan ni Mang Jose
Hindi na makinig ang tungayaw ni Rosie

Wala na ang hikbi ni Nene at tawa ni Buloy
Tunay na nakakabingi ang katahimikan sa Barangay Uloy!
" Parang sa Leyte at Aurora noon" sabi ni Kapitan Tadyong
"Huwag mag-alaala" sambit ni Kapitan.
Darating na ang pork barrel ni Congressman

Sumingit si Kagawad Manny at nagsabi
"Aba, Jueteng at si Mayor ating asahan"
Hindi napigil ni Pepe ang sarili
Dumura sa lupa at nagsabi
" Lahat ng pulitiko, sundalo at rebelde, sambit ang masa sa kanilang pangarap.
Tunay ngang lagi nilang awit
Pero sa huli bakit tayo laging sabit?"

Natulala ang Kapitan at ang Kagawad
Tingin nila kay Pepe ay di propetang huwad.
Nagpatuloy si Pepe sa kanyang pasabi:
" Huwag natin silang asahan na babago sa ating pamumuhay.
Ang delubyong ito ay tunay na nagpamulat sa akin,
na edukasyon, pamilya at panalagin
Ang tunay na susi ng masa
Upang mabuksan ang saradong mata"

Muling tumingin si Pepe sa maputik na paligid.
Sinaliksik ang puso at walng galit na nadagit.
Nang masipat ang kanyang dalawang anak,
Tumingin sa langit at napaiyak.
Hindi sa muhi kundi sa galak.
Para sa masa? Bagong Pag-asa.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Trough in 2007

The government will not likely meet its P63 billion budget deficit target and will instead incur a P101.3 B shortfall, estimates by the House of Representatives think tank showed.

Business world, Dec. 4, 2006

Is the Philippines cursed?, that the only way to exorcised the demon is to leave the country the soonest time possible? Why is it that we Filipinos who dream of staying and serving the country are harvesting instead an onslaught of pain and sufferings? Are circumstances(man made or natural) shoving us to the wall, forcing us to raised our hands and say goodbye to our patria adorada?
As a student of business, I am sharing to you the signs that our country will still be in trough or depression again in 2007.
1. Slow economic growth of 4.7% -5.3% in 2007.
2. The threat of El Niño is here.
3. The highly inflationary June 2007 election.
4. Export of the country wanes because of recession in the U.S. and slow growth in Japan.
5. Slow death of manufacturing in the country due to rampant smuggling of agricultural and consumer products.
6. Foreign investors buying long-term Philippine Global Funds. (they will earn more if depression materialize)
For Filipinos who will stick to the country through thick and thin, here;s how to survive the tough 2007:
1. If you have stocks and equity mutual fund sell it now.
2. Then buy stocks again when they hit bargain price.(Usually before the election or before Christams season ). Hold it for 20-30 years horizon.
3. If you are close to retirement, buy bonds and invest in money market.
4. Real estate will be a bargain in depression. Take advantage.
5. Convince your family to be self-sufficient. Plant vegetables in your garden.
6. Spend less and earn more. Use your wise judgement here.
7. Be healthy and take care of your family's health. It will save you money.
8. Prayer always help. Never stop doing it.
My wish for all of us to make 2007 a smooth sailing.
Am I now entitled to greet you Merry Christmas?

State Colleges and Universities

"Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion in the number of state colleges and universities, driven largely by the desire of politicians to commandeer state resources and create trophy institutions in their localities"
Alex Magno
Phil. Star, Dec. 2, 2006

The readers are advised that the content of my comments may hurt . I am just asserting my freedom of expression and since I pay my taxes religiously, the concern people deserve to know the truth. If you want to know the truth, read on:

1. Mr. Magno and I have the same observations. In Lucena, politicians created the "City College of Lucena" eventhough there is already SLPC-Lucena and SLPC-Lucban to cater to poor students. Since the City College sourced their funds from the cash strapped Lucena City fund, delay of teachers salaries are common and facilities rots. They are short changing the students.
2. If this creation of state colleges remain uncontrolled, we might end up with a state college in every congressional districts.
3. Majority of these state colleges are hastily organized. Their content offerings are basically unregulated, resulting in grossly inferior quality of education.
4. Scrutinized it closely (teachers, administrators etc.), you may conclude that they are mainly extension of patronage mechanism developed by local politicians.
5. They are not capable of providing qualified skills, tarining that the market could later absorb.
6. Students are flocking there only because of cheap tuition fee.
7. It is horribly run.
8. Because they are subsidized by our taxes, it discourage private investment in the provision of educational services.
9. The best approach is to close down the substandard but heavily subsidized state colleges.
1. Instead of spending on this diploma mill state colleges, politicians should instead offer a voucher system to encourage poor students to enrol in quality colleges.
2. Let us not rely on politicians and local education bureaucrats to change the education system. Believe me they are fearful of change.
3. We need help from outside the education establishment, from NGO's, from Corporations, that can deliver the ideas and resources to force the reforms.



Thanks for your comment. I browsed your blog and it seems you are based in Florida, USA. May I get your full name so that our Alumni Coordinator can get in touch with you?.
It's very heartwarming to hear from a 1991 batch Cordian.
Mabuhay ka Sparrow!