Thursday, October 19, 2006

Top 10 best jobs

"MONEY Magazine and researched hundreds of jobs, considering their growth, pay, stress-levels and other factors. These careers ranked highest.
1. Software Engineer
2. College professor
3. Financial adviser
4. Human Resources Manager
5. Physician assistant
6. Market research analyst
7. Computer IT analyst
8. Real Estate Appraiser
9. Pharmacist
10. Psychologist"

I am an Associate Professor right now and it's quite heartening that my current profession ranked no.2. It is not surpising though, the stress is minimal, the creativity and flexibility are day-to-day occurrence but to be tenured is difficult. Though tenure-track jobs will always be stiff, enrollment is rising in professional programs, state colleges and technical schools -- which means higher demand for faculty.

It's easier to break in at this level, and often many can teach with a master's and professional experience. Demand is especially strong in fields that compete with the private sector (health science and business, for example).

What's cool Professors have near-total flexibility in their schedules. Creative thinking is the coin of the realm. No dress code!

What's not: grading papers; salaries at the low end are indeed low.But knowing that you contribute in shaping the minds of the youth is a big boost to your points in heaven.

People will not remember how much is your earthly possessions but will surely remember your caring and your love. Teaching indeed has an advantage!.


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