Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Filipino Seamen, I Salute You!

" In the list of countries supplying seamen worldwide, the Philippines ranked first with 230,000 seamen. The POEA said that Filipino seamen are the most sought after in the maritime industry"
Salome Mendoza, POEA Planning, October ,10,2006

Do you know the pain they experienced as a seaman?. Here's what my nephew said:
1. Loneliness always haunts them especially when Filipino crews were mixed with different nationalities. Christmas is terribly lonely day for them.
2. Majority of them worked on "substandard" ships that barely meet the minimum international shipping norms.
3. They are sometimes exposed to dangerous chemicals especially if they are assigned at the bottom plate.
4. There are ships that lack hygienic toilets.
5. They are overworked and exposed to inefficient salvage services.
6. Many of them do not have a definite contract that guarantees job stability.

To all of our seamen who worked day and night to send their children to good school, put food in the table, build their dream house and uplift their family out of poverty, I salute you. Kayo ang tunay na hari ng pitong karagatan!.


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