Monday, October 16, 2006

Bad Boss, Good Boss

I am working for the past 17 years and I identified who are the bad boss and the good boss. Here are my list, after checking it twice:

Bad Boss

1. Tries too hard to be everyone's friend
2. Micromanages
3. Ignores conflict
4. Arrogant
5. Wishy-washy
6. Impulsive
7. Unable to delegate
8. Impatient
9. Stubborn
10. Unprofessional

Good boss

1. Trust in one's employees
2. Honesty/authenticity
3. Great team-building skills
4. Effective coaching skills
5. The ability to say "no"
6. A broader perspective
7. Patience
8. Decision-making skills

You can not change the bad boss but you can influence him. But beware that most employees leave a company not because of the company but because of bad bosses.

Finding a good boss is rare but when you met one, be loyal to him. Maybe the pay is less but you can learn more.

May all of us find a good one!


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