Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reunion QNHS Batch 1983

I am a product of Quezon National High School. I belong to the proud batch 1983. During our time QNHS was a tough school. The classrooms are crowded,the library lacks books, and we need to hop from one classroom to another to attend each subject of ours. You can get mugged, you can see students punching one another when there is a fraternity rumbles and you attend class in the Alcala stadium, beside the stadium and even under the stadium. We were even required to sell candies during our first year.
The environment was tough and as result you NEED to stay tough. We share books when we study, we forced ourselves to attend class on saturday, we walked from QNHS Iyam to Bayan because there are often times we have no money,we borrowed everything from each other because we know our families can not buy what we need. As a result, we develop an ability to survive that can not be found in a convent-bred-catholic-private high school graduates of our time.
Today many of my batchmates are gainfully employed or working abroad. Many are still struggling to survive but the lessons we got from the arena called QNHS are enough reasons to require us to stand in our feet. We are a survivor and the hard lessons of QNHS toughened us.

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