Monday, May 05, 2008

Man of Action

I do belong to the tribe who would like to act rather that sit or watch things to happen. If there is shortage of cash I did not wallow on grief but rather do things legally to make money. If there is a problem in the family or in the office, I do not rest until it is solved. That's why all my bosses are happy to give me something to do because they are sure that I will do it and do it well. Sometimes I asked myself if I am a Type A personality but I am not aggressive though signs of assertiveness are visible.
If I am on the right track, I will finish what i started regardless of criticisms.
I protest everytime their is injustice and sometimes resulting to the detriment of my body and soul. I can not prohibit myself in expressing my views eventhough a thousand dagger looking eyes aiming at me. This sometimes result in sour relationship.
But I am rather proud that for twenty years that I am working, I contributed a lot to all companies who hired me.
There are a lot of pain of being a man of action but there are exponential product of being one: you produce results and you make your world go FORWARD.

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