Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Changing the face of the earth

Today we are now experiencing the non-stop rise of oil, food and transportation prices. If we will think about it it will give us tremendous opportunity by focusing on what we can do.
1. The expensive price of oil means there will be less cars on the road. This means pollution will be cut by at least 30% this year.
2. The expensive food prices will bring us back to the basic. No more eating in expensive restaurants and no more drinking alcohol till dawn. Imagine the psychological and financial benefits of cutting expenses.
3. The high cost of transportation will forced us to use public transportation which will forced the government to provide us a more efficient one. In New York many people don't drive cars because they have excellent subways. The politicians, with their bright minds and pork barrels, will be peppered by demonstrations to bring down the cost of transportation. They will be forced to think of alternative and they will not be an absentee in congress or else their constituents will boot them out come 2010.
4. We will now on the mode "think first before spending". That's a blessing for a parent.
5. Our children will be forced to eat a lot of vegetables harvested from our own backyard. The high cost of meat will make us vegetarian causing the Cardiologists to be out of job.
6. Instead of buying i-pod or the latest cellphone, we will be forced to read books borrowed from the public or private library. There will be an exponential rise on intellectual prowess in the country.
7. There will be less or no use of the air-con because of the high cost of electricity and as a result we will have enough money to invest in stocks and mutual fund which can benefit us upon retirement. In addition we are not contributing to the global warming which according to scientist will worsen for the next 10 years.
So, don't worry if doomsayers broadcast that you will be dead because of high prices. We are made to innovate that is why you got brain bigger than a pea.

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