Sunday, November 05, 2006

Economic Revolution

Food in the Philippines are among the most costly in Southeast asia. Food is cheaper in Thailand. Surpisingly, food is cheaper in Singapore, which has no agriculture at all"
Alex Magno, Philippine Star, Nov. 4, 2006.

I could agree more. When I was assigned in 1998 to Singapore for several months way back in my PLDT days, the price of rice there is equivalent to P9/kilo. The price of rice in the Philippines then? A whooping P15/kilo.
Indeed we have a regime of high food prices because of failed land reform, high price of fertilizers, absence of irrigation, explosive population growth and lack of support for our agriculture sector.

As a father who is always in the public market every weekend , it is evident that there is no shortage of food in the country. It is the high prices and low income that made our life difficult.

We really need an economic revolution, if not our children will reap the harvest of Philippines as a failed state.


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