Friday, November 10, 2006

Ten Forever Jobs

My students are asking what jobs will stay almost forever. Here's my list (with the help of Forbes):

1. Politician - We hate their trapo ways and some of us vomit whenever they handle a microphone. Though we adore a few. We can continue to expect actors and actresses to be elected.

2. Prostitute - This oldest profession will always on the rise as long as poverty is around.

3. Morticians- We can not escape death. You can be placed in a coffin or be cremated.

4. Tax Collector - You can not escape tax either. If they can tax the air you breath in the future, they will do so.

5. Barber - unless you are bald, you are heading for a haircut almost always monthly.

6. Artists - Creative writers, comedians, actors, entertainers, painters, designers. Art changes and evolves with technology, but it will never disappear.

7. Religious Leader -Many people will continue to look to religion to find meaning in their lives.

8.Criminal-The crimes may change, but the profession will remain.

9.Parent- OK, so it doesn't pay very well. Or at all. But there will always be a demand for someone to raise our helpless human babes.

10. Soldier-The world's population is growing, religious fervor shows no signs of abating and precious resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Count on the military to stick around for all kinds of future conflicts.


  1. This is an interesting blog bro. I guess, since my group is into creative communications, we will remain relevant!

    Anyways, i hope to attend one of our meetings in Lucena to hook up with you and our other brods. Would you be interested to maintain another blog just for LKP? I mean i can help moderate it too.

    I hope you can link my blog to yours it is


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