Monday, September 06, 2010

Repression on tertiary private school

The repression on tertiary private schools is very evident in the Philippine setting. The government demands quality faculty (MS,MA,MBA), library, laboratories, and facilities but subsidies they did not provide. When private schools raised their tuition fees, the government always imposed the idea that it should not be above inflation rate.

If you are working in a private school, you will be frustrated when the government demands,never give subsidies and restrained you to raise tuition fees. Then you will read from the newspapers that the same demands are also given to state colleges/universities but the difference is the government shoulder all the costs.

Where's the equity then?.

I am subsidizing the tuition fee of a student studying in a state college through the monthly income tax I paid but I am not receiving any subsidy for my daughter studying in private school.

Where's the equity then?.

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