Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's the time of the year when parents of high school students and their 3rd year HS daughter/son are busy preparing for entrance exams.
Of all entrance tests, the mothers of them all are the tests of the four universities: ADMU, UP, UST and DLSU. The exams are tough and getting in are tougher because usually they admit only whose scores are the top 20%.
Why the fixation on the four?. How about the "2nd tier" colleges/universities that also offer quality education?.
It is about time for CHED to help strengthen the colleges and universities in the provinces in order for them to earned the Center of Excellence (COE) or Center of Development(COD) seal. This seal will serve as quality assurance that will serve as guide for the parents of choosing a college based in the province. This will erase the fixation to the four universities in Manila and erase the belief that quality education is based only in the NCR.
Further, the CHED should regularly published the list of COE and COD in leading newspapers and provide also copies to the top 1000 corporation for awareness purposes.
If CHED will not act on this, they are perpetuating education for the elite that will eventually result on the slow motion demise of the middle class. The class who economists believed are the true backbone of democracy

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