Sunday, February 08, 2009

Love =Unity + Patriotism

There is a race called Filipinos who are famous on not loving their country called the Philippines. The people spit everywhere, throw their garbage wherever they like and curse the weather when it is cold and even curse it whenever it is hot. You can find people pee in the wall, in electrical post, in jeepney tires and all places that are vacant. They are unashamed throwing their trashes in the river or in the ocean and if you will not shout at them they will even throw their refuse in the street or in front of your backyard.
These people, who are also famous to take a bath everyday even three times a day, are the same people who violates every rule indicated in the constitution down to municipal laws. If they are elected officials, they get 5 % commission on government projects and if they are appointed officials they equally appoint relatives to fill up vacant positions. The World Bank is even amazed the expertise of Filipinos on manipulating contracts.
Down south, kidnapping is common. They said they have no jobs and kidnapping is an occupation. You can bet it will land in the Guinness Book.
Foreigners are wondering what kind of race this called Filipinos. These same foreigners admire the natural resources and the potential of the people. They are wondering why this race can not move on the same direction and can not feel that they should have common aspirations.
These foreigners are telling us the truth that from the high echelons of the government down to the barangay level and even deep down to the family level we are lacking love of our country.
We say it, we sing the national anthem but we failed to put it in action.
There is only one solution on the problems of the Filipino race and that is to love our country more than ourselves. That is the secret of all countries who made itself successful.
We should not be stupid to notice it.

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