Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blessing Prayer in a Time of Sickness

Lately some of my friends are getting sick. One is stricken with cancer and a handful are hospitalized due to stress related issues. As I browse my Catholic Digest an article by Edward Hayes caught my attention. I decide to share an excerpt of his book specifically the "Blessing Prayer in a Time of Sickness".

If you or your love ones suffer from any illness say this prayer:
Lord of health and wholeness,
your servant________________(name)
now lies sick
and desires to be restored
to the balance of good health.
Hear, O Lord, our prayers
For the healing of him/her
whom we love so much.

Remove from him/her this illness
so that, fully recovered
and restored to health,
he/she may return
with renewed zeal
to the daily life that we share.

Catholic Digest January 2009 issue page 111.

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