Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yusuf Islam

Last night I watched a concert of Yusuf Islam. The DVD is aptly titled Yusuf's cafe Sessions and was captured live in the Porchester Hall in London. Songs such as Father and Son and Peace Train touched my soul that every lyrics haunted my inner being.
Yusuf Islam is Cat Stevens. Those who are familiar with Cat Stevens, he is a famous singer during the tumultous late '6os and the fiery early '70s. His hit songs such as Moonshadows, Peace Train and Father and Son were the national anthem of the youth of '70s. He abandoned his career in 1978 and converted to islam.
In our present times wherein Islam is portrayed as nest of terrosrist, Yusuf is the answer on the correct meaning of Islam. Moderate, peace loving and family oriented.
Hear his songs or better buy his DVD "Yusuf Cafe Session" and experience the true meaning that songs should be intended to love one another and praise God.

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