Thursday, July 12, 2007

Most Lucrative College Degrees

As a parent I am always on guard on what are the job trends for the future. I have a daughter who will be in college three years from now and I am guiding her on what course she should take. She may have in mind a different course and it may differ on what I proposed. The important thing though is that I fulfilled my role as a father, that is informing her on what will be in demand in the future. For my friends reading my blog this may guide you also. But take note that this survey was done in the US of A where statistics is a passion. If you believe that the trend in the US is also the trend in the world , read on:

Summer 2007 Survey

1. Chemical Engineering
2. Computer Engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering
5. Computer Science
6. Civil Engineering
7. Economics
8. Management of Information Systems
9. Finance
10. Accounting
11. Business Admin/Mgmt
12. Marketing
13. Political Science/Government
14. History
15. English
16. Sociology
17. Psychology

Source:National Association of Colleges and Employers
If you notice the top ten most lucrative degrees have roots in mathematics. We need to guide our children to master their numbers and as the survey pays to be a nerd.


  1. Victor G. Samaniego7:29 AM

    The truth is that there is an increasing mismatch between courses taken by most Filipinos and the needs of our nation. (Surveys have already spoken of this trend.) This is alarming because it will create a surplus of unused and untapped manpower which will result to higher unemployment rate and even underemployment.
    In line with this, Sacred Heart College must take necessary actions to address this problem. We can and should no longer be contented with what we offer to the community.Our institution must not only exist to become an agent of Christian and Catholic education. Vis-a-vis this mission, Sacred Heart College must work for viable ways to equip our children with the necessary means to become productive citizens by offering courses which will answer the needs of our nation as well as the global community. After all it is the task of the school to ensure that there will be an adequate Filipino citizens who and are able to stir our nation towards development. Families on the other hand, as a social institution like the school have this same role to play.