Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You see, it is a number game!

I am a veteran of job hunting. Immediately after graduation from college, I applied to not less than 100 companies. It may sound crazy but I got the last laugh. Out of that 100 companies around 20 responded. You see, it is a number game. The more resume you send the higher the chance of being employed. Of the 20 that responded, 5 landed me to an interview. Now, I've been to three companies, mingled with a lot of people, hardened by good and bad experience. My toughness is a direct results from being bloodied in the arena of work. Now I will share to you what companies are looking for an applicant which were collated from my journal:
Top Qualities Sought by Companies
1. Communication skills. You better polish your English. Whatever type of work, the skill in written and oral communication will not let you down.
2. honesty/integrity. Your grades will be your ticket to be hired but having an integrity will keep you promoted. Whom will you trust? A summa cum laude grad who steal time and money or an average guy who finish work with quality (thinking that his name is his only possession).
3. interpersonal skills. A worker who can relate well with other people is priceless. We are suckers for those who care.
4. motivation/initiative. A person who do his job even without asking. Is that you?
5. strong work ethic. Only one key be Christcentric and this ethic will follow.
6. teamwork skills. There is no place for loner in a work setting. If you want to do it alone be a hermit.
7. analytical skills. You can not escape the Math thing. Everything involve numbers.
8.flexibility/adaptability. When I mean flexible, I mean adopt to every situation.
9. computer skills. It's 2007, it's a requirement!
10. detail-oriented. You should practice it everyday. Utilize your skills in time-management.
Remember it's a number game. The higher your qualities, the more chance of you earning money.
Good luck!



  1. keanc7:31 AM

    Ok sir, for me no. 7 is the hardest , though I know I need it most... thanks for the guidelines... Perhaps 7 years from now, u don’t have to remind me...

  2. Thank you sir, because of your blog I gain knowledge… As I read your article I thought of taking it as a fatherly advice…

  3. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Brod the blog is great! yeah, I agree with you that communication skills, integrity, and honesty are key ingredients for us to succeed in the challenging corporate arena. Yeah, you cannot do away with math. I was not really fond of math until I attended my algebra at Enverga, my professor encouraged me to look at math in different dimension... not only that I learned to love math, I shifted from political science to Developmental Economics (in Manila) and I enjoyed econometrics, statistics, pricing policy, and macroeconomics.

    great blog bro ... keep on posting