Sunday, December 03, 2006

Trough in 2007

The government will not likely meet its P63 billion budget deficit target and will instead incur a P101.3 B shortfall, estimates by the House of Representatives think tank showed.

Business world, Dec. 4, 2006

Is the Philippines cursed?, that the only way to exorcised the demon is to leave the country the soonest time possible? Why is it that we Filipinos who dream of staying and serving the country are harvesting instead an onslaught of pain and sufferings? Are circumstances(man made or natural) shoving us to the wall, forcing us to raised our hands and say goodbye to our patria adorada?
As a student of business, I am sharing to you the signs that our country will still be in trough or depression again in 2007.
1. Slow economic growth of 4.7% -5.3% in 2007.
2. The threat of El Niño is here.
3. The highly inflationary June 2007 election.
4. Export of the country wanes because of recession in the U.S. and slow growth in Japan.
5. Slow death of manufacturing in the country due to rampant smuggling of agricultural and consumer products.
6. Foreign investors buying long-term Philippine Global Funds. (they will earn more if depression materialize)
For Filipinos who will stick to the country through thick and thin, here;s how to survive the tough 2007:
1. If you have stocks and equity mutual fund sell it now.
2. Then buy stocks again when they hit bargain price.(Usually before the election or before Christams season ). Hold it for 20-30 years horizon.
3. If you are close to retirement, buy bonds and invest in money market.
4. Real estate will be a bargain in depression. Take advantage.
5. Convince your family to be self-sufficient. Plant vegetables in your garden.
6. Spend less and earn more. Use your wise judgement here.
7. Be healthy and take care of your family's health. It will save you money.
8. Prayer always help. Never stop doing it.
My wish for all of us to make 2007 a smooth sailing.
Am I now entitled to greet you Merry Christmas?

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