Sunday, December 03, 2006

State Colleges and Universities

"Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion in the number of state colleges and universities, driven largely by the desire of politicians to commandeer state resources and create trophy institutions in their localities"
Alex Magno
Phil. Star, Dec. 2, 2006

The readers are advised that the content of my comments may hurt . I am just asserting my freedom of expression and since I pay my taxes religiously, the concern people deserve to know the truth. If you want to know the truth, read on:

1. Mr. Magno and I have the same observations. In Lucena, politicians created the "City College of Lucena" eventhough there is already SLPC-Lucena and SLPC-Lucban to cater to poor students. Since the City College sourced their funds from the cash strapped Lucena City fund, delay of teachers salaries are common and facilities rots. They are short changing the students.
2. If this creation of state colleges remain uncontrolled, we might end up with a state college in every congressional districts.
3. Majority of these state colleges are hastily organized. Their content offerings are basically unregulated, resulting in grossly inferior quality of education.
4. Scrutinized it closely (teachers, administrators etc.), you may conclude that they are mainly extension of patronage mechanism developed by local politicians.
5. They are not capable of providing qualified skills, tarining that the market could later absorb.
6. Students are flocking there only because of cheap tuition fee.
7. It is horribly run.
8. Because they are subsidized by our taxes, it discourage private investment in the provision of educational services.
9. The best approach is to close down the substandard but heavily subsidized state colleges.
1. Instead of spending on this diploma mill state colleges, politicians should instead offer a voucher system to encourage poor students to enrol in quality colleges.
2. Let us not rely on politicians and local education bureaucrats to change the education system. Believe me they are fearful of change.
3. We need help from outside the education establishment, from NGO's, from Corporations, that can deliver the ideas and resources to force the reforms.


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