Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stay in School

My Dear Students:

You are very lucky. Your family can send you to attend Sacred Heart College rather than require you to work early. With the current unfavorable economic condition, staying in school is your best choice and your parents without any doubts, knows that a degree in college will give you a fighting chance to get a job in the future.
Today, when there is so much talk about unemployment, I remind you that college graduates have a relatively great chance to get a job than high school or elementary graduates. Staying in school does not come easy. It can be won and enjoyed only with a lot of efforts, and often of heroic sacrifices.
And why should you put high premium on sacrifices to stay in school?. The answer is as simple as it is natural: what you sow you will reap. In other words that for every sacrifice there is an equal and opposite rewards. We only get back if we put out. The fascinating thing about staying in school is that you never know when will you be rewarded; when will you receive the prize of your time and effort. But I assure you, rewards always come.
But there’s a catch there, if you put mediocre effort you get mediocre results and when you put quality and excellent efforts you will get excellent result. There’s no escape on the law: what you saw you will reap.
As your professor, staying in Sacred Heart is not enough, you should apply what you learned and continuously improved yourself. With that, you control your destiny rather than you are controlled by others.
Stay, it’s your best choice.
My best wishes, always.



  1. Sir,
    Thank you for your meaningful advice and for continuously guiding us as we struggle in our school life.


  2. Sir,
    i strongly agree.. :) thank you


  3. Sir,
    Thank You for this advice..


  4. I second the motion. I also agree... ^_^

  5. that's rigth sir!like they all said


  6. Thank you for your meaningful advice

    -mark john

  7. Just like what they have said... Thank you sir... :)

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  9. HI sir!

    You're the best Chairperson the Computer Science ever had! You're the inspiration of most students in our department!

    Sir saludo poh ako sa inyo!
    You have a BIG HEART for your students! Thanks for everything you've done for us...

    Paggraduate poh namin at kahit poh ngayon pinagmamalaki ka poh namin!

    You've shown us that there's hope in every endeavour we take..

    Thanks a lot sir!!

    Hehehe! :) xenxa poh napahaba.... :)

    -anna plazuelo

  10. thanks sir for the advice!!! :)

  11. Sir,
    tnx for ur advise to us.. i also agree... /no1 ^_^

  12. Sir,

    Just Like what they have said too!
    Thank you sir for guiding/helping us to be a good and responsible student(:

    -Carmelo V. Garcia Jr.(Melo)

  13. Sir,

    Thank you po for your advice. :)


  14. sir ,
    Maybe you mean "what you sow, not what you saw".Butonly good intentions on the correction.