Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Skills and competencies before graduation

Last Friday, I was asked by one student if he is ready to work a day after graduation. I felt awkward because I handled him in one subject only and his skills and competencies I am totally unaware of the level. Instead of answering directly, I asked him four questions:

  1. Do you have the ability to read, understand and use written materials and basic numerical information?
  2. Do you have basic communication skills, team skills, problem solving & decision making, intiative skills?.
  3. Do you have any technical/professional skill?
  4. Do you have business knowledge and management skills? 

I told my student that he don't need to give the answers but to weigh his current situation. Only he can answer if he is ready to work or not.

In an article by Schmidt Labor Research Center, they conclude that in the 21st century the workforce need less technical skills but more of a mix of professional, foundation, business and entrepreneurial skills to remain relevant in the fast-paced service sector. The worker should be subsumed in technological literacy, which involves informational science, digital media fluency, advanced computer and internet communication. 

Happy new Year to all my blog readers!

arnel l. cadeliña

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