Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Six Ideas for the Working Filipinos

There are lot of books that suggest that we can be happy in our chosen line of work. Some of them trumpeted that our skills and values should be aligned to our jobs in order to be happy. I have no argument on the theory but after working for two decades I came to a  conclusion that we can all be happy while doing our job. The ideas are simple and daily we are experiencing them. We can love our work and we are happy if:
  1. The people around us are nice and respectful.
  2. We are productive because our work interests us.
  3. We are not idle because we need to accomplish the tasks given to us.
  4. The monotony that envelop us is frequently broken after work by doing something else that is not align to our field,
  5. Our income commensurate to our contributions to the company.
  6. We know that we can leave a legacy that other people may benefit.

Foreign books frequently tell us that we should follow our desires in order to be happy but their circumstances are entirely different from us. The 6 ideas that I mentioned are fit for Filipinos, can be align to our temperament and can be shape by the realities of our culture.
Have a very merry November to all of my blog readers!

Arnel L. Cadeliña

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