Monday, July 30, 2012


 In our continuation of dissecting the National Statistical Coordination Board report, the "Filipino Investor by Arnel L. Cadeliña " focuses on the income data and % share of each Calabarzon Cities and then applied the necessary statistics.

Here are the findings:

1. The CALABARZON city with the highest income is Calamba City.
2. The CALABARZON city with the lowest income is Tayabas City with a rank of 11 out of 11.
3. Lucena City ranked 6th out of 11.
4. Batangas City who ranked 3rd has income of 45% more than Lucena City.
5. Sta. Rosa City who ranked 2nd has income of 58% more than Lucena City.

.This data will help policy makers and researchers interested in Lucena City

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