Monday, July 18, 2011

The Filipino Investor pays tribute to Rizal@150

When you study at the Ateneo, whether undergraduate or post graduate, the images of Rizal are ubiquitous.As if the Jesuits want you to know that Rizal is Ateneo and Ateneo is Rizal.To ever-remind you that their most distinguished alumnus was our national hero, they named their library as Rizal because they know as an Atenenan the library will shaped a huge part of your education. Then they invite you to visit their Rizaliana Collection to reinforced the belief that the national hero was once their student and his being creative,critical thinker, nationalistic and non-violent revolutionary ways were the result of the Jesuit education. You can not escape the rub.

Once your done with your study and working from sunrise to sunset, the images of Rizal will not leave you. Every town he has a monument and every one peso you got, he is there being the most depicted image of the Philippine currency.

In tribute to Rizal at 150. Let us revisit the poem of Rafael Zulueta y da Costa:

Not yet, Rizal, not yet
The glory hour will come
Out of the silent dreaming
From the seven-thousandfold silence
We shall emerge saying WE ARE FILIPINOS
And no longer be ashamed

Sleep not in peace
The dream is not yet fully carved
Hard the wood, but harder the blows
Yet the molave will stand
Yet the molave monument will rise
And God’s walk on brown legs

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