Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dont Cry for Me Lucena City

As of today, my hometown Lucena City has two mayors. One suspended by the DILG but retained by the Supreme Court and the other installed by the DILG and recognized by COMELEC. Both of them holding office in two different places.

If you are busy making money and all of these political circus keep on pestering your brain you might be correct that Lucena City is going nowhere.

Our forefathers who created Lucena City vision it as the center of commerce not only in Quezon but in the whole Southern Tagalog. It was carved near 2 ports: Dalahican and Cotta , located between two rivers (Dumacaa and Iyam) and strategically accessible in all directions. So the vision is outstanding. The heirs are spoiling it by focusing on short-term strategies that benefits only their inner circle.

Meanwhile those who are working hard and raising their families in honest ways are penalized by having a dysfunctional local government. We can not stop their wrangling but they should be ashamed that the Filipino Investors based in Lucena City deserved a better local governance. History is harsh to those who are ineffective, look at Saleh, Gaddhafi.....

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