Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Make people a priority. A Tribute to AER.

At a point where I feel that I mastered a particular job or task I always try to share this expertise with others. This is a product of my experience with my late mentor Mr. Antonio E. Ramirez whom we fondly call AER. He was our HRD Director and my boss in my 11 years stay at PILTEL Makati.
In him I learned that individuals thrive in an environment where he is recognized and supported. The weekly “To Do List”, the monthly meetings and the occasional karaoke singing were done without coercion but a passion to do things excellently. The singing included.
AER was a real mentor.
During my first month at PILTEL, I noticed he has a heart for probinsyano like me. I, coming from far away Quezon Province and Noel Dacanay from Cebu were treated by him as his surrogate sons. Maybe his UP education influenced him or maybe the three of us are kulay kayumanggi in the land of PILTEL where mestizos abound.
He never forgot my birthdays and he even handed me a gift during my wedding day.
He was a father to me. Ready to send you to training, encourage you to speak up, train you to write corporate policies, edit our letters (yes he is doing it!) and most especially to hold on to your principle.
After all of us said good bye to each other in 2001, I haven’t seen him since then. His son Ian, now based in Ireland, informed me that he passed away in 2002. My heart weeps because I can never find another one like him.
God bless your soul AER!. You may be gone but you will not be forgotten.
Arnel L. Cadeliña

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