Sunday, March 21, 2010

Toxic 2.0

Toxic people intoxicate the mind of others that it may result to hypocrisy.
In the workplace you can not escape meeting them whether you are in the high-rise building of Makati or in a government office in Maguindanao.
In my experience, toxic people wear their mask everyday to hide their insecurities and fear. They love to spread rumors because it is their weapon to hide their sins or shortcomings.
Literally run when you meet them in your company corridor or suffer absorbing the negativity that emanates from them.
We have three ways to avoid the trap of toxic people:
1. Have a good family.
2. Have good friends
3. Do good works
Toxic people influence the lives of others by speaking lies and deception. Do not take this road and do the opposite.
A life doing good and helping others will bring multiplier effect hence your influence is immeasurable.
Good lives can be as simple as just decency in every room.
Remember, hardships and diseases are nothing if you have Good Family, Good Friends, Good Works.

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