Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Best School

I was asked by a friend how to evaluate a school where he can send his children. At first, I was adamant knowingly that I lacked the rubrics. But as he insisted, I gave him a straightforward answer based on my experience as a parent of a 16 and 11 years old.

" The most effective school is the one that operates from a value system that places a HIGH PRIORITY ON PEOPLE AND RELATIONSHIPS. This school should recognize that relationships play a pivotal role in learning, teaching and administration".

The best way to see it: observe the school administrators then judge.........


  1. Indeed, sometimes it is not all about the salary one receives but the quality of interaction that prevails among members-admin and ordinary workers

  2. Sir Lagay nyo po ang logo ng kabataq sa page nyo :)para mas marami pa po makakita

  3. That's two thumbs up for me. minsan mas mahalaga ang kung paano makitungo ang facilitators ng paglago ng bata kesa sa mga programa nito. :)Tao pa rin kasi ang concerned hindi makina o robot.