Sunday, March 15, 2009

Motivating people

In the corporate world and in the academe one common findings I discovered. To motivate the best and the brightest there are only 2 key factors needed:

1. You should give the best people the freedom to do his job. The high-performing people should be treated as professionals and should not be micro-managed. Because they really don't like to be managed at all. They prefer to be led, being provided with a clean set of goals and objectives and given the creative freedom to accomplish their targets. They seek empowerment that comes from a leader
who trust them completely.

2. The best people wants to have an impact and to be recognized for it. the company should always remember that their best people are passionate on what they are doing. They can easily be spotted because these best people aligned his objectives with his boss or his organization.

To motivate employees is easy, the difficult thing is having the skills and the will to do it.

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