Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Defense of the Teaching Profession

Many people, noticeably parents who seek good teachers for their children, despised the teaching profession. They mocked the measly salary of the teachers though they are the most honest professionals I ever met. They scoffed the teachers uniforms though they are highly respectable than the Generals and the politicians. They laugh at the long hours the teachers spend preparing their lessons though they are silent when corrupt people extorted money from them.

These are the warped values some parents possessed.

They want the best teachers for their children but they turn their nose up at the teachers who spend on the average 8 hours everyday to help their children understand the world. These parents are the same earthlings who bashed the teaching profession.
Where did this prejudice came from?.

I am a product of public school from elementary to high school. The teachers I met retired, most of them, with a little retirement pay. But their care and teachings are imprinted in my mind that they are never erased by anybody or by any circumstances.

In other country specifically the Scandinavians countries, the teachers are highly respected and better paid because their government and their people knows the tremendous effect of the teachers to mold their future scientists and businessmen. All kinds of benefits and accolades are given to them because they know that without them they surely will not come out with world class products like Nokia, Ericsson and Volvo. They know that teachers play an important role in hitting their GNP, GDP and Per Capita target.

In this country, the true heroes are the OFW’s and the Teachers. But the teachers should be rank higher because they can make a President or scientist out of our children.

But if some parents continually scorned them, that the hurting sinks deep, I will not be surprised with the result………… zombies out of their little emperors with a brain size of a pea.

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