Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ateneo vs La Salle

Many people are asking me why Ateneo and La Salle UAAP basketball championship hogged the headlines of national newspapers for the past weeks. They add that why other universities did not merit the same attention as these two elite private school.
There is only one reason why this two universities captured the print and broadcast media: their die-hard ALUMNI.
These alumni enjoyed their stay in their universities, they are trained to love their school and to treat one another as a member of one big family. That is why you can see on the banner of Ateneo the slogan "One Big Fight" and to La Salle "Animo La Salle". It is common to notice that they treated one another as fraternity or sorority eventhough they do not belong to any Greek letter organization. If you notice every game they sing their alma mater win or lose.
Other colleges and universities can mimic the ADMU and DLSU technique: love your future alumni. If you train your students well, teach them the best by providing the best teachers ,love them irregardless of their shortcomings, and show them how to be proud product of your school, you will never go wrong. Once they are working and earning money they will come back to you even without invitation.
You can produced the like of Pangilinan and Razon who by loving their school donated a gymnasium to their respective alma mater.
So the secret is out: have a die-hard alumni.

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