Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Secret

(Photo courtesy of Adithya Bhelke.Thanks Adithya!)
1. The secret to life -- get good teachers who will not only train but inspire and
work well with the student.
2. The secret to financial security -- spend below your means and make the money
work for you.
3. The secret to peace -- love.
4. The secret to integrity -- signed every work with excellence.
5. The secret to friendship -- respect, trust and open-mindedness.
6. The secret to success -- never give up.
7. The secret to health -- eat all things in moderation.
8. The secret to happiness -- follow the 10 commandments.
9. The secret to intelligence -- childlike curiosity.
10. The secret to leadership -- truthfullness, accountability and vision.

If you notice they are really very common and most of them just under our nose. The secret USE IT!


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