Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Need to Grow

Everybody needs to grow. The universe keeps on expanding, the trees keeps on growing, the ozone layer continues to thinned out and our nails keep on growing even though we cut it every week. It is nature for a person to examine himself and ask if everything grows or stagnates. Indeed a life examined is a life worth living. But what avenue of life we need to examined?
1. Our Relationship . Everything in this planet will change even the persons around us. The challenge then is to grow our relationship with one another by strengthening and solidifying it daily. Positive relationship coming from mutual trust and respect are basic to achieve this. ASK: Am I contributing in making our relationship to grow positively?.
2. Our Dreams . Mark Twain is right. Let us sail our boats away from the ports and discover. Every tree around us have a dream of growing big even though they can not speak we can see it. Humans should be more of a dreamer than the tree because we are equipped with brain. Let us dream and dream big!
3. Our influence . This is two-sides of a coin. There are alcoholics who can influence their children to drink alcohol early. We focus on the other side. We influence for good. Kindness to friends and strangers, love of the poor and helpless, we have 24 hours to influence one another. Only our effort is needed. My father used to say that he wants to die that even the undertaker will say sorry. I did NOT understand it first. Now that I am old enough and having my own children I analyzed that dying is easy but people remembering you for a legacy is very hard to forget. I will also meet my undertaker in the future and am also wish him to say .....sorry to my children.


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