Sunday, May 27, 2007


It's deja vu. Way back in 1985 a friend by the name of Abet Enriquez was abducted by armed men right after his speech denouncing the conjugal dictatorship. If my memory served me right it was August 21, 1985, the anniversary of Ninoy Aquino assasination. Abet and I were invited but only Abet was the speaker since he was more militant and eloquent. When we parted ways, he rode in a tricycle going home but according to several witnesses, armed men stopped the tricycle around 6:00PM and Abet was forcibly taken. Since then he was never found. After 22 years Abet remains desparecido.
Weeks ago armed men abducted Jonas Burgos and a UCCP pastor. The two remains missing as of this writing. We are a country where perceived enemy of the state are targetted as potential desparecido. We have a legal system wherein the right thing to do is to bring the accused to court and let the justice system rolls. Sadly this legal system was bypassed to kill, maimed, torture or make people disappear.
Peru, Columbia and other countries who practiced illegal methods created a divided country. Gen. Pinochet was hailed a savior for persecuting his enemies but at the same time hailed as a butcher. His country remains poor compared to other Latin American country. Are we heading in the same direction?.

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  1. Walang Akong Pakialam Kay JONAS!

    Noong kinuha nila ang mga Komunista
    Wala akong pakialam,di’ naman ako Komunista, eh
    Noong kinuha nila ang mga student activists
    Wala din akong pakialam,di’ naman student activist ang anak ko,eh
    Noong kinuha nila si Jonas Burgos
    Wala rin akong pakialam,di ko naman kamaganak si Jonas!
    Noong binomba daw nila ang Ayala Mall,
    Wala rin akong pakialam,wala sa pamilya ko ang nasugatan naman,eh
    Isang araw,noong kinuha nila ako
    Wala akong masabe,kasi Ako rin ay may sala!
    Dahil hindi ako nakialam at di ako nasabi
    “Lahat at may karapatan na maging Malaya!”