Monday, February 19, 2007


I supposed to post this article on February 14, Valentines Day. But due to numerous tasks it was only last night that I have the time to complete it.
My first year students are asking me to write about courtship and love. I keep telling them that I am not an expert on this one, that I fell in love only with the same woman several times. This woman I'm talking about is now my wife. Still they keep on begging me. Finally I gave in, wrote this article in the wee hours of the morning.
For those who are looking for the right partner here are my grain of salt.
If you are courting or being courted ,avoid this man or woman:

1. Argumentative. If your boy or girl keeps on arguing everything under the sun the best thing that you will do If you marry this type of person, your house is hell on earth. Imagine arguing everyday with her about money and the toothbrush you left in the kitchen. That's pure hell.
2. masculine or feminine aggressive. When you say aggressive he/she is egoistic, self-centered and demanding. Wake up! Can you love a person who love herself more than you?
3. Possessive, jealous and tendency to be gay. This type of person may require a shrink. He/She don't want you to be out of his/her eyes. Your every movement is monitored, every person you talk with is competitor. If you add the tendency to love the same sex, you better be looking for somebody else.
4. Alcoholic. This is addiction and every addiction is dangerous to you. The tendency you might be beaten is 90% and the likeliness that your wealth be squandered is 100%. You want a future wife/husband not a mental patient.
5. drug-users. same as number 4 but on a higher degree.
6. Family-slaves. Yes, there are Mama's boy and Papa's girl. They can not decide, they always cling to their parents everytime they have problems. How can you marry someone who is asking his mother what color of toothbrush he should buy every month?
7. Does not believe in God.. The tendency to do evil is great for non-believers. Will you marry a guy who want to bring your son to the church or to someone whose church is a cockpit or a beerhouse.
Can you now decide whom to fall in love with?
Good luck!


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