Sunday, August 27, 2006


Majority of us, Filipinos are not fond of investing. We are satisfied on parking our money in the banks. We are not even asking how much interest bank's are offering for our money. Our idea of not losing our money in the bank is true but we are not aware of inflation. Living in the Philippines with yearly two-digits inflation means that the cost of living will be doubled in less than ten years.

We have options in the Philippines to defeat inflation. The presence of mutual funds are good investment that can be used to maximize potential returns. These mutual funds like First Metro Savings & Learn, PhilaAm Asset, ALFM Family of Funds and Sunlife Funds are investment companies in the Philippines. For me, I invested my money to First Metro Equity fund which are managed by Mr. Edwin Valeroso who is a full-time professional fund manager.

The First Metro currently stands as the industry leader and is providing me a consistent and benchmark-beating returns. As of August 28, 2006, the First Metro equity Fund outranked their respective benchmarks, performance-wise.

For OFW, we then have an option aside from banks. Look for mutual funds, stocks and even real estate. These may reward us a steadier and better returns.


  1. If you find a company which you feel strongly about that has an innovative product then you shold invest into that company. It's not about gambling but about investing in what you feel is productive. my 2 cents

  2. excellent. i hope to read more of your thougths especially your views on political and economic issues as they relate to the current situation.