Thursday, November 29, 2012

The challenge for the new Lucena City Mayor Don-don Alcala

Dear Mayor Alcala:

First of all congratulations. The city is now finally will put behind the question of who is really the right Mayor. As a long-term Vice Mayor you know that Lucena City is facing huge challenges in order to make our hometown competitive and the people to find decent jobs.

In your first week as a Mayor may I present to you the big developmental challenges our hometown is facing: economic growth of the city has not been enough and it has not been inclusive.

Poverty reduction in the city is slow and we are not experiencing high growth compared to other CALABARZON Chartered cities, From 2000 to 2010 the proportion of poor Lucenahin seemed to be in an upward trend.

In addition, opportunities remain scarce in terms of access in decent jobs, health services and capital market. Our city's unemployment rate is not available for the public and if it is, only few people has accessed to it . I assume it is 7% comparable to the country in general.

You need all the help to make our beloved hometown address the unemployment. Here is my viewpoint for your to consider:
1. The city is not creating jobs fast enough.
2. The jobs available maybe considered as belonging to less quality job.
3. The city need to create inclusive growth that will include the poor and the marginalized.

As a concern constituent, may I suggest the following strategies for inclusive growth of Lucena City:
1. Require your think-tanks to submit recommendation for infrastructure development in the city and make sure that the marginalized barangays will be connected to city proper. Fight tooth and nail to acquire budget.
2.  Strengthen human capital development. The City should create pool of skilled persons and include the poor with a lot of potentials.
3. Provide assistance to the poor, Your think tank should provide your office a program for poverty reduction focusing on the marginalized barangays.
4. Can you provide temporary employment to unemployed Lucenahin? Please do. Have them work in your infrastructure projects NOT a pencil pusher in offices. When they work in your infrastructures they will learn skills that will make them employable later on. As I said, the poor should be part of the growth.

I see no problem in your governance because I believe it will be good. I will always pray for your success. When you transform Lucena you will also transform the future of my future grandchildren. That will be enough motivation to write you as frequently as possible.

Good luck and God bless you!

Yours truly,

Arnel L. Cadeliña


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